Crimson King Apple Tree

Crimson King Apple Tree


Zone 3-6


A fine medium-sharp vintage cider apple which also serves as an excellent culinary variety.


It is one of the few apple varietals known to produce excellent single varietal cider. It originated with John Toucher of Bewley Down, Somerset, England, who first propagated the variety in the late 19th century. It produces an acidic juice with no astringency and makes a light, fruity cider. Fruit is a bright crimson color and is harvested in November.


It is a triploid and makes a vigorous and spreading tree, with much bare wood at first, but later producing generous and regular crops of very attractive crimson apples. Crimson King is a good choice for areas of high rainfall, with resistance to scab, canker and mildew.


Price starts out at $30 for the smallest trees, and rise according to size.


    Prices vary with size and health of plants, depending on season and year.

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