Minnesota Snowflake Mock Orange

Minnesota Snowflake Mock Orange


Zone 4


Can grow up to 8 ft tall.


A hybrid; flowers tend to be double and very fragrant. Grows in height from 6'-8'. It is drought tolerant, deer resistant, and is a Firewise plant. This shrub attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.


    Prices vary with size and health of plants, depending on season and year.

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  • What is a "firewise" plant?

    Firewise plants have a number of characteristics in common, but also can vary considerably. Below are some important points about these plants and their management.

    • No plant is fireproof. All will burn in a very intense fire.
    • Firewise plants all have one or more of these firewise characteristics:
      • Tissues contain more moisture, especially during the fire season.
      • Tissues contain low amounts of volatile oils and other readily flammable chemicals.
      • Plants provide less fuel, either by producing less litter or by staying small.
      • Plants are compact or low to the ground, so they can be used in the landscape to interrupt fire pathways.